By TheOttawacker

Tasmanian devil on the loose in Ottawa

Came to the end of my translation today, which was a good thing, but then, of course, there is the OTHER thing to get to. The book I am editing, which is a truly sisyphean task. All glad to see the weekend, not least Ottawacker Jr. whose whining finally paid off. He got to see the final episode of The Hobbit - and I still can't believe what they have done to the book. Wasn't Peter Jackson supposed to be the world's biggest Tolkien fan? Let me be the first to say it: the films were shite. Not that it spoiled Ottawacker Jr.'s fun, thankfully. And at least, when watching the film, you could never anticipate what was going to happen next.

Came down from the editing on the excited calls of the family who had seen some unknown animal in the garden. It's a groundhog, kids. Give it 24 hours and it will be back in the same spot again...

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