By seizetheday

New growth...

...on the mahonia. 

Another Blip from the 'yard, as I didn't step out through the gate all day. For some reason my knee was playing up something rotten, so it didn't seem a good idea to join MrM when he went off this evening to walk up a hill in the College Valley. Took my exercise on the bike instead, which didn't seem to affect the knee at all. 

Spent quite a while sitting at the computer today, placing several necessary on-line orders - a supermarket shop, a replacement washing line, hand sanitiser, ...and some floor oil. Yes! As soon as MrM has completed the last few little bits, we can finish off the hall floor! And I wrote to my MP about the Cummings debacle. My communication will have no effect whatsoever, as she's a Johnson devotee of the highest order, but it made me feel better...

Lockdown, day 65, Wednesday

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