Moose Antlers

Or a magnificent fungus growing on a decaying sycamore tree.

Out early this morning before it got too hot. What a thing to be saying here so early in the year. It really is very pleasant but shade is required. A lovely walk over Gowan Hill, Upper and Lower Back Walks. The fungus is in the shady bit of Lower Back Walk, my current favourite place for exercise.

After that a brave stop at the cafe run by Flora's devoted Borrow My Doggy friends. They are open for takeaway and have a safe system in place. My first flat white for 10 weeks! So enjoyable but that's my caffeine limit reached.

Lots to do today - admin mainly but I will resent being confined to the house. Garden time will happen for sure and I noticed the sitting room floor. Eek! That needs a bit of attention.

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