Gluten Free

I mentioned a few days ago that I'd agreed to participate in some PhD research about the social and family impact of coeliac disease. I had to send the researcher seven photographs illustrating life with coeliac and send them to her. Today I had my interview to discuss the photos, why I'd chosen them and so on.

The blip is a collage of the seven photos:
My son's 6th birthday party, just after he'd been diagnosed coeliac (so far we're a 3 generation coeliac family)
We have separate pasta
A pandemic local fundraiser - I now get hot cookies delivered to the door every Saturday too
We eat a LOT of rice
Good old Pizza Express (closed just now of course)
My recipebooks (everything's adaptable, I don't have many specifically gf ones)
My order form for bread and flour. I am very, very grateful to the NHS for providing me with these staples but who else has to give their DoB to get a loaf of bread?

It was an interesting hour of discussion. I stressed that I don't find a great social impact these days but I could still have talked for another two or three hours! I'll be very interested to read the summary when the research is at that stage.

Other than that excitement it's a lovely day. Slow wander this morning, yoga later and gardening in between. Keeping away from Twitter.

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