By dfb24

Dame's Rocket...

...blooms all over Wi. from May to August in tall stalks. It has a faint clove-like scent and attracts lots of bees, butterflies and birds. Thanks to Miranda for her Wildflower challenge & to Anni/BikerBear for her FlowerFriday challenge. 
I've had a great day so far, and it isn't even noon. Jennie called last night to ask if we could meet her at Marquette; since her classes were all finished online, she was assigned a time to come to the school and clear out her locker. The school spaced out the times so they wouldn't overlap. She didn't think she could carry all her books & folders plus the carrier for Noelia so we drove downtown and met her in the parking structure. We "stood guard" outside her car while she ran and cleared out her locker, so we had a lovely visit with Mae while Noelia slept. I dropped Tom off at home and went over to the Nojoshing Trail and walked for an hour. Over the course of my walk I probably passed about a dozen people & there were several bikers, but everyone was very good about keeping their distance. It's my kind of day--68 degrees, sunny, no humidity, and breezy--so I loved being outside. In another few weeks there will be many more plants in bloom, and many more butterflies and bees along the trail. Right now there's only a profusion of dandelions,  pink Dame's Rocket & Yellow Rocket (totally different looking than Dame's Rocket). They're distantly related, and both are considered an invasive species. I like the Dame's Rocket but could live without the Yellow Rocket! Hope you all have a wonderful, safe weekend. :))

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