By Yorkshirebred

Saturday ramble

Today’s plan was tree photos -  there are so many species in St Ives, and I’m no tree expert, but I just like to see all the different leaves. I did take some tree and flower photos, however once I reached Coppice Pond the cygnets and goslings were out with their parents, so who could resist?  Apologies for yet more collages in extras!  Lots of squirrels about, and as usual they made off into the trees as people were passing.  However the squirrel in my main image stayed put and eyed me as I stopped to take a photo - I wondered why.  Seconds later 3 baby squirrels rushed out from behind the tree and shot up the trunk - too fast to capture unfortunately, but very cute!  Nice and quiet up there this morning except when I saw some lovely bullfinches - I just had them in focus when a child suddenly screeched - end of that shot then!  Nice to see Blipper Corinthian and husband R on the walk - twice! Also saw other villagers out with their dogs, and stopped to chat to a fellow choir member back in the village.  Although I’m not a morning person I’m finding it is best to go out early as it seems quieter, and not as hot - perhaps this will be my new pattern!

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