Moorhen chicks have arrived!

I did a bit of gardening but it was too hot for comfort  so did some paperwork instead .

I had a walk around the village and through the castle but it was crowded with people and cars. There was litter strewn around and reeds and rushes had been pulled up and thrown in the water.  It does make me mad to see behaviour like that! 

Fortunately I live in the village so can avoid the castle when it's crowded but I did stop to take some photos.  The first moorhen chicks have hatched and the four of them were swimming around with their parents feeding them and having a peck at the water weed themselves.

There were a lot of Common Blue damselflies around and I saw a pair of them mating.   Suddenly another male arrived and obviously fancied Mrs. CBD and attacked Mr. CBD's head.  He kept his grip and the rival flew away.  What shocking behaviour!!


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