By Bom

An Unusual Visitor

I was sitting reading the newspaper in the sun this afternoon when I noticed this red-legged partridge heading for the bird bath. As most of my blips are from my garden, I fortunately had my camera and long lens to hand on the table next to me. So many birds are visiting the garden for a drink and they loved the old grapes I put out too.  I'm just waiting for the manned SpaceX launch from the US - it's T-7 mins!

Day 76 / Day 68 of Lockdown / Day 18 of Step 1 (for my record only)
UK deaths up 215 to 38,376. Global cases pass 6 million. Today the Culture Secretary announced the start of elite sport from Monday provided the guidance issued today is met, including being held behind closed doors. The Deputy CMO said that the success of the easing of restrictions depends on the effectiveness of contract tracing and public compliance with restrictions. He stressed that whilst from Mon in Eng we can meet another 5 people outside whilst maintaining social distancing, this does not mean that we can meet three different groups of 5 people in a day for example. As he said about this easing, it'll be ok if we 'don't tear the pants out of it'. 

I forgot to mention the other day the report by Paul Brand of ITV that at least 1,800 care homes had beds block booked by the NHS at the start of the pandemic according to replies to an ITV survey. 

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