By Kipsie

A last resort ...................

No plain crisps, no original Hula Hoops, no Magner's, no Thatchers .... desperate times. Pombears are what I ended up with washed down with a Spar cider. I made a whlemeal loaf in Mum's antiquated breadmaker, it clanked, at one point I thought there must be a ferocious dog in the vacinity, but no it was the breadmaker doing something, although I've no idea what, then realised there was a clear perspex lid. Aha!! While distracted by the breadmaker doing it's thing, the Pombears were doing their "thing". There were casualties. The loaf meanwhile has been removed from the maker, & looks like a wholemeal loaf. That's a result.The icing on the cake, will be if it tastes good.

Watering,weeding, spraying for black fly, pinching out the tips on the broad beans. There must be a kilo .... yummy! I walked home, picked up the car, drove to the Coop to buy a case of cider, & hopefully a bag of compost next door in Trago Mills. I rang Trago from the Coop carpark to save going in. No compost. That saved a trek. I drove back to Mum's. I knew she had a full bag in the garage I could take now & replace later. She'd been poorly in the night .. dodgy homemade chicken curry. Had gone back to bed, felt okay when she got up so walked Indie.
Back home, I was staking  the Sysyrinchium in the front garden border, when an elderly lady & her old one eyed Jack Russell stopped for a chat. I think we stood there chatting about plants & gardening for about 15-20 mins. After I sat in the sun, attempted the crossword, then did a spot of sunbathing, falling asleep. Ouch! Good job I'd applied suntan lotion.
This afternoon, I started unpicking the sleeves on a top, hoping to make it a nice cool top for the Summer. One sleeve out, one to go.

Thanks to admirer for hosting Silly Saturday

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