By Kipsie

Rescued, recycled, repurposed, reused

The dented colander, & metal containers were purchased at the local recycle centre for a couple of pounds, the 'Seeds' tin was given to me by a neighbour, an unwanted gift, complete with packets of herb seeds. The metal containers needed holes in the bottom for drainage. Tick! The nasturtiums grown from seed collected this time last year when we were holidaying in Turkey. The sedums in the Seeds tin, pieces snapped off plants I have in the garden, many grown from pieces I've cheekily nipped when dog/house sitting in the past.
A very productive morning on the plot, 2 blocks of sweetcorn planted, 6 Mystery bean, possibly French, plants tucked into spaces. A row of spring onion aka chipple, (not sure if that's just a local, West Country name) seed sown, keeping the beetroot plants company. Redcurrants netted as the pigeons & sparrows are showing a lot of interest in the ripening fruits. A bit of fag trying to wangle netting. A nice netted fruit cage would be the answer. I might have to right to Santa ... I don't think it would be too difficult an exercise for a DIY person ... Need to browse the internet for inexpensive solutions. Had a good chat with Jim, my immediate plot neighbour, he'd told his wife she was'nt going to cook today, they were going to find somewhere to pick up a takeaway, & sit & eat while out. What a treat! Not a cats chance in **** of my hubby ever, ever, saying that to me .... Living the dream, me!

Scorchio today! Tomorrow's challenge homing the 15 Roma tomato plants. Once they are in, that's it. No room on the plot until  potato lifting time I reckon.

Back home, hubby had sampled the baked wholemeal loaf, .. "How was it?"  Not quite the response I was hoping for ... I made an egg sarnie at lunchtime, the bread is very ....... dense, that's the word. Recipe needs a tweak. Think the local feathered community might be in luck.

Nearly completed the general knowledge crossword in the Sunday paper, while enjoying the sunshine this afternoon.

Now time to make dinner .. cold meat & Cornish new potatoes with salad. Nearly as good as a takeaway.

Wishing Marlieske a happy conclusion to the ongoing family drama.

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