By HeidiHH

31052020 79th Corona isolation day w/ alleviation

Sorry, another selfie.

This morning I walked all by myself all the way to the lighthouse. First 30 minutes I was alone, after 8:30 there were loads of people around the monte. Luckily there's enough space for all. I think in normal situation (the old normal) I'd see about 10-20 people. Today I saw about 200 people. Mind you that was 2 hour long walk doing 12 km.

But still. I feel safe to go by myself when I know there's more people around if anything should happen.

After that I've been cleaning. Like super cleaning. Taking furniture outside for good cleaning and sorted the shelves and all that. I'm starting to be quite exhausted by now.

Tomorrow we start phase 2. Like I said before we get more freedom to going outside. We are allowed to the nature reserves and mountains (in our own province I assume). Beaches can open. Elche will open it's beaches (with own risk and keeping distance) as for Santa Pola won't until mid June. Luckily our nearest beaches are Elche beaches, so I can go to my regular beach. The thing is that it's been so windy for so long, that I don't know if swimming is possible, but at least I can get wet. Water seems to be 23°C. I already dug up my towel and bikinis.

So if all goes well, tomorrow I'll have a beach selfie :-D

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