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Prideaux Lane

Less than 150 yards away from our front door, this lovely lane is a haven for butterflies (speckled woods, wall browns and small whites, today), bees and birds . I love taking my camera along there and trying to capture little moments, especially at this colourful time of year. (My Extra shows a closer view of foxgloves.)

We often set off on our walk this way; other times we return along this lane (unless it's very muddy). It's often wind-direction that determines which way we choose to go on our regular route - clockwise or anti-clockwise.

Since his poetic debut in this journal, a number of you have asked to hear more of Mr PP's verses. So, you've brought it on yourselves as I share his wisdom as regards the more sheltered, pleasanter experience according to prevailing wind direction:

When the wind is in the west,
That's when deosil is best.

When the wind is in the east,
Tis widdershins as chills the least.

by Mr PP

Thank you so much for all the lerve bestowed on my yesterblip (and my own poem). You're very kind.

Prideaux Lane: Ref my title, and the name of the lane: We were talking to someone who lives not too far from us in the village who's traced her ancestry back to the Prideaux family - right back to 1033 - pre-William the Conqueror. Isn't that amazing!

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