Brian's Bits

By Kanyl


NOT something I'm famous for.  However I managed the feat.
Can't remember 100% but I think it was as I went out with the empty milk bottle(s) on Thurs evening, I saw a Bee fly in.  Stood for YONKS - nuffink -  got fed up - went in.

Now we're legally allowed to be sociable again Jerra came through to "catch up on the crack".  We lurked at the front - not a Bummly.  Retired to the back grass where there are a couple of chairs, much more stylish than horizontal on the lawn.
Yet again I put the milk bottles out and waited.
I missed one exiting.  The next one shot out like a bullet and "dove" at a rate of knotts and about 45˚ downward into next door's garden.  HUGE, but I couldn't be sure it was all bee or bee + dead bee.  Any wild apiarists out there. (The Apes, not the students)
This one was very obliging; it did a few circuits as though unsure; went in but the senile memory didn't register if it came out again sharpish with an "Oops sooorry!" expression.
This one seems to be a "Tree bumblebee (Bombus hypnorum)" but I'm relatively sure the other one I thought I saw enter didn't seem to have the red/orange about it.  More watching is called for?

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