Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

32nd of May?

May, as we are all aware, hath not 32 days - BUT - I did a prowl, as Mam would have put it "in the A-fulness of the Emm." and this both, caught my eye, and was the best of the ones shot.
WRONG! - close but NO Cigar/Coconut for Thompson and Morgan, who claimed:-
"Enjoy the first fruits in as little as 60 days from planting."
Let's be fair/honest; before the death of the resident, neglected, Strawberries, during our sojourn in J. G. Johnstone's we never had any eatable ones before Wimbledon opened anyway; so I did not expect any this time either.
The continuing Saga.
Additional "MORAL" - make a note of where things are - OR - improve memory.
I knew the "Chinese Artichokes" were in this Bed, and visible. 
I knew the Shallots were both of the above. 
I had, however, forgotten my Red and Blue Potatoes were also here and, on the 2nd May still invisible.
You doubt me? 

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