Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

Embryo Bonsai?

To a, fairly(?) well known tune?

"Bonsai Samurai,
grow a tiny tree.
Not much more
than two foot three."

IS it a Haiku?  "R. Dunno!"
Count 'em and tell me?

This is what appeared in my bin full of, as yet, un-spread Leaf-Mould.  Methinks it's a Cherry.  I have a host of, as yet unharvested, Yews in the front garden and a few assorted tree weeds around the garden.
For a while, during 1995-6 I was a Fireman/Jeweller.  I'd do a couple of day shifts; then a day in  the Shop.  At four(ish) I'd dash home for the four "S"es, namely Sh, shower, shampoo & shave and hurtle off for a night shift - twice.  Then four "days off" in the shop. - ℞ - ad nauseam. 

Result - dead Bonsai, almost a dozen; some in excess of 20 yr old.
I've never got over it to the extent of a retry.

I wonder?

WAY back in the "hists of Mistory"  Alice bought me a bonsai book. It had a short verse in the Foreword:-
"The Japanese grow tiny trees
About so high, I wonder why?"

(One syllable short?)

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