By dunkyc

Dry spell

A fun Facetime with family was prefaced with a brioche breakfast and followed by a walk up river for the purposes of skimming stones.

A brief detour was made on an unsuccessful mission to find some proper haircutting scissors to try and tidy up m’boy’s barnet, but apparently everyone else in Kendal had already had the exact same idea – not to cut his hair, you understand.

Regardless, we made it to the river and back to our original favoured stone skimming point, but in all honesty, as a result of the continued dry weather, to call it a river is generous as the point now resembles a small beck.

It was definitely that and not a lack of ability which put me off my stone skimming today, but that didn’t stop m’boy taking the michael. As ever, Matilda pottered about hoying boulders and railway underpinning into the water.

The rest of the day passed uneventfully and I was able to give the boy a trim with the aid of my clippers and a YouTube video, which I apparently did not watch properly. It’ll grow back. 


Stay healthy.

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