By dunkyc


Following a few photo heavy days, I didn’t really take anything useable today aside from this vase of tulips which sits adjacent to my telly.

I’ve blipped before about how lovely the light is in the front room first thing in the morning and so I was trying to capture something here, but I forget what it was.

Back to the grind today and lots to do, which helps takes my mind off the children going back. You may be surprised to hear that co-parenting does hold a lot of upsides (partial freedom, time to hit refresh and think for a bit etc.), but having to say good bye to them when you’ve had a brilliant few days together is definitely one of the downsides.

Another way of dealing with the low is to exercise, which I’ve not been able to do as much as I would have liked due to an annoying foot injury/strain/pain/ooh-that’s-a-bit-hurty, and despite a good friend definitely giving me clear and concise instructions to continue to put weight on it and exercise through it, the foot seemed to be taking its time to heal up. 

Tonight felt a little better though, so I thought I would ease it back in with a 10k run and whilst I probably should not have, the mental gains outweighed the physical and besides, pain is all in your head, isn’t it? 

Stay healthy.

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