By dunkyc


If requested to come up with a single image to define The Youngest, I would be hard pushed to come up with a better one than I took earlier today.

She is stood, tousled wet hair drying in the sun, tongue poking out in concentration through the gap vacated by her two front teeth, bare-chested and poised to fire an arrow from her toy bow. She looks amazing.

I would have loved to have shared it, but thought it best to protect her modesty. I wouldn’t like it if someone shared a half-naked image of me on here (don’t get any ideas!), so why should she be any different. This is why you have an image of my hot and sweaty head a little way into a lovely run across wispy, wavy, sun-baked fields – it was glorious!

Matty has been the driving force behind a large part of our day. With a birthday coming up, she went off on what was ultimately a very successful shopping trip with Nanny to look at some crafty bits and a few clothes, so I took m’boy and The Eldest off to the nearest toy shop for some help in inspiring some ideas for me. I hadn’t realised this, but m’boy had never been in a Smyth’s Toys before, so his eyes positively lit up on walking through the door – probably much the same as mine did when walking into Toys R Us for the first time. 

The ploy worked and Matty’s birthday is now sorted, so to reward them for their efforts I said they could pick a couple of bits too and we also selected the bow and arrow and squishy……thing for The Youngest to have now too.

I had a mild epiphany (only one, we were in public) as I looked down, unconcerned by the eventual price tag of the packed basket, because right there was a wonderful reminder of why I continue to do a job I feel nothing for. It provides me with the means by which I can invest the fruits of my labour into treating my family to toys, new clothes and nice things every now and then without worrying about the consequences of a mini-spending spree. 

They never expect it and are always appreciative, which to me indicates that I am keeping them on the right side of spoiled.

It’s been another lovely day and I can’t believe our luck in getting this weather on our week away! 

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