G and L

Happy to see G and L for a meet up. We were going to head up Calton Hill, but in the end, Regent Road Park looked inviting (view of the Seat; quiet), so we stopped there. It's tricky moving à trois along the pavement when trying to doing social distancing, so it was best to limit the distances. Picked up some semolina flour in Easter Greens on the way home. Not used that shop before. On my outing, I was struck by how many of the groups that I saw in parks and on the streets were single family groups (including in Pilrig Park), and I saw plenty of examples in Pilrig Park of two young people sitting well apart from each other on the grass having a chat. Undoubtedly, the majority of people 'get it'. Let's encourage the others to figure it out too.

Plenty of signs of lockdown hair here. Perhaps they will eventually take the radical solution like my sister.

Another hot sunny day, although accompanied by a fairly cold wind, such that when the sun had disappeared around the building (which it does promptly at 4.30pm each day) it was soon too chilly to sit out. I've picked up a bit of colour over the weekend, so I look a bit less pale and wan than I did on Friday (when compared to Mr A who has had much more balcony sun than me). Unfortunately, the hot weather also affects my ears which get itchy and have a tendency to get sore where I wear my glasses. I will have to watch out for that.

Overall, plenty of time for reading, so I finished Motherwell and started The Address Book. I found Motherwell very pyschologically acute, and there were bits of her experience which resonated with me very strongly. I saw some aspects of my mother in her portrait of her own mother. What I found most affecting was the knowledge that the woman who wrote this memoir, which feels unfinished, given when it ends in her life story, had died before the book was published.

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