Budle Bay

A slightly stressful start to the day, as MrM wanted a haircut, the second during lockdown. So, after another look at a 'how to' video on YouTube, I set to work with my ancient pair of hairdressing scissors, and he seems quite pleased with the result. Phew! (When and from where I acquired the scissors is a complete mystery, as I've never been a hairdresser! Maybe I should invest in a new, sharp pair though.) 

It's ages since we've been to the beach (only 12 miles away), and we both had a hankering to walk by the sea today. But there have been worrying reports in the news and on social media of huge numbers of people flocking to the coast and beauty spots, ignoring social distancing, and leaving huge amounts of rubbish in their wake. Keen to avoid the crowds, we decided to risk an evening trip to Budle Bay. First, on the way, a picnic in an off-road lay-by with a sea view. Then a fabulous walk by the sea on an almost-deserted beach - all of 5 people, including us, on a huge expanse of sand. On the way back along the shore, we watched the tide rushing in and the sun setting over the sea. Glorious!

Lockdown, day 69, Sunday

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