By simisue


I admit, this  flower is not that spectacular as I posted it, but there is history here.  Last summer, I saw a whole hedge of this  blooming plant & took a photo. (SEE EXTRA)  I always wanted to know the name, & suspected it might be related to Cleveland Sage, because it looks similar.

Fast forward:  last week I downloaded an APP called 
PICTURE THIS.  With this APP, I can take a photo of a plant & it will tell me the name of the plant.

While walking Angus & Scout, I noticed this same plant is just starting to bloom, around the corner from our house.  I used the APP & it tells me the plant is :
LEONATIS leonurus, Common Lion's Ear, a member of the Mint Family.

Sometimes a whole long hedge of a blooming plant is amazing, while a single flower might go unnoticed.  In this case, I noticed the TINY bud, because I remembered loving the plant last year.

The whole is sometimes better than the sum of its parts.
Not always, though.....

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