By loisbiz

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The biggest trouble with a wide angle photo is that I can't crop out the bad and the ugly. But I wanted to enter into the wide angle Wednesday challenge (colorful) This a beautiful brightly colored rose and it has a few drops of water on it since I just watered this area of the garden, so it is the good in this photo. The bad might be the sucker that always grows from the roots of this rose. The ugly is the aftermath of those beautiful rhododendron flowers; you can see the leftover flowers once the petals drop on the bush behind the rose......and there is that garbage can in the background where I was pruning another rhododendron plant.....I just took a break to get my photo for the day before it got too dark.

It was another very pleasant day weatherwise.....perhaps rain tomorrow. I kind of hope not since my grandson has some outdoor plans, but I kind hope it rains because the yard could use a good drenching. Also, they say that we are in a drought situation here in Oregon.....seem impossible, but it is true.

The protests have turned peaceful.....I hope they stay that way. 

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