Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Magic Moment

This is why I never get tired of watching the wild things around me - watch often enough and you are continually surprised, charmed, touched.  This is the fifth year I've had bluebird nest in my garden, usually two broods a year.  I have watched different pairs prepare their nests, guard their eggs, rear their young - many hours, many photos.  

But today, I got to witness something new.  The nestlings are two days old today, the temperatures are warm and muggy, the arthropods are abundant, and the parents motivated.  I was watching as they took turns bringing all sorts of things into the box for the kids.  Then, both arrived at the same time (she with a spider; he with two small larvae).  What ensued was nothing short of lovely - they exchanged food several times, looking for all the world like they were kissing.  Eventually, after several minutes of this behavior, she took the spider and one larva and flew into the box.  Moments later, she left and he flew in.  I have no fear for these babies when it comes to their diet.  They are getting all the juicy protein their little bodies need to grow into strong bluebirds.

For the entire morning that I pottered around outside I was serenaded by a wood thrush with his beautiful flutelike song - tantalizingly close but hidden by the forest canopy.  He was frequently joined by the house wren with his bubbly song.  

I will pop a shot of the five little blind, naked bluebird into Extra.  Remember - two days old today.  Watch this space because in two weeks they will almost ready to fledge the nest.

Be safe.  Be Kind.  Take a moment to just be...


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