Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Larvae Delivery Service

Before the temperatures got too high, I spent some time in the hide watching the bluebirds bringing food into the box for their young.  I'm not sure how Dad fed the kids this big caterpillar since it's probably about the same size as the babies - I can only assume he "portioned" it once in the box.  Most of other food items going in were quite a lot smaller. As for this shot --- it was the only flight shot I got that was even remotely in-focus...or had a bird in the frame.  Lots of blurry shots, lots of empty frames.  

I have not mentioned that Hubs and I have been engaged in a war of will with mice who have chosen this time to invade our RV.  Yes, telltale signs were discovered Monday.  Our old Have-a-Heart trap was resurrected and put in place ... only to fail us for three straight nights!  Each night, the bait would be gone, the trap would be tripped and yet - no mouse.  We grumbled, we discussed and discarded using "kill traps", we ordered new humane traps from Amazon.  (And we tossed the obviously malfunctioned old trap).  New traps arrived Thursday and - bingo - on Friday morning we had our first culprit!  This morning, Mouse # 2 was gazing out at us from the trap.  We are on a roll now - no mouse will be safe from us!  (And if you are wondering, all incarcerated mice have been "relocated" to the woods into a very large brush pile condo.)  I'll put a shot in Extra, taken with my cell phone of a mouse with his best "I'm totally innocent" face.  

Temperatures in the high 80's today with humidity - feels like summer.  Tomorrow and Monday will be a bit cooler so I plan to get out both days to see what I can see. 

Be safe.  Be kind.  Be loving.


Covid Stats for state of New Jersey as of today
Total cumulative confirmed cases - 163,893
Total deaths - 12,106
Total number current hospitalizations - 1,882

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