My little Mae...

...stopped over with her mom & her baby sister today to pick up a few things, & then they had some errands to run. Since the errands were nearby, rather than having my daughter keep taking the girls in & out of the car, plus carry boxes, etc., I offered to follow them in my car & then stood outside their car so Jennie could run inside by herself. Noelia slept while Mae & I played “I spy” & did word problems. At the second stop, I asked Mae if I could take her picture as I needed a blip. She said “If you need a blip, yes, sure Grandma, you can take my picture”. That was easy, & so different from a year ago. A fantastic, sunny, breezy, 70 degree day, so I took a long walk this morning & tonight we’re dining out on the porch, just for a change. Hope you’re all having a great weekend! :))

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