The Water Jasmine Repotted

Today's Blip is the Water Jasmine from yesterday, repotted, root pruned, with secondary limbs identified, wired and placed.
     Today began by cutting the wire that held the tree in the pot.  Once freed, I found the roots were very bound in the pot.  Once combed out, I trimmed them back, cut out the hard woody ones and tested the pot for fit.
1.  Now the process:  identify the front of the tree.  Trees grow and change in 2 or 3 years.
2. identify the trunk and the line that tells us where the tree wants to grow.
3.  Identify the primary limbs that create the structure of the tree.  Remove any unwanted branches.  After all, in nature, limbs break off from wind damage, or other trees falling, rotting,........
4. identify the secondary limbs.
5. Wire the secondary's, 
6.  Placed the wired limbs where you need to extend structure, fill in gaps, where the sun would have encouraged natural growth, reaching out to start that canopy.
7. Trim the secondaries, as needed to your design found within the tree.
The last thing I do is make sure there is enough aggregate stone and then place the newly worked tree outside, where there isn't too much sun, but the tree isn't overly stressed.

I am fairly pleased with the outcome.  Now to give the tree another year or 2 to grow, develop, flower and be healthy.

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