Day 85 of my lockdown

Another quiet day today.  Have been tidying up my photo files on the laptop.  Have done quite a few so popped out to the back garden trying to think of something to blip when Mr Bumble came whizzing round my head and then settling on the white foxglove on the wall of the balcony - so I've done my best to capture in flight.

I have managed to do this and it's not too bad, but I would have like Mr Bumble himself to  have been a bit sharper, bit was also quite dark at that time and in the shelter so the lighting was agin me. 

Nothing else to say really, feeling really tired.  Probably a combination of a couple of bad nights (for no reason) but I slept well last night and not doing too much.  I don't want to go out at the weekend in case I come across crowds so I'd rather save trips out for week days andhope to see less people around.

Thank you once again for dropping by, do please take great care and see you tomorrow.

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