Look me in the eye & say that!

First the answer to yesterday's mystery object! It was a newly opened jar of Mayonnaise! Well done to Sonset25 who was the only person to guess correctly!

We had a family of three Rooks visit us today ..... they only made it as far as the fence ....... couldn't quite bring themselves to come down into the garden! Didn't know they were chickens! lol

Couldn't decide which of these photos to blip .... so you get all three .... hope you like them :-)

Cold, wet & miserable day ...... not a glimpse of sunshine & it has hardly stopped raining ..... what has happened to Summer? :-(

Not a good day for a walk so we abandoned that idea ...... we'll postpone it for a drier ..... hopefully sunnier .... day during the week. Hope we do get some dry weather soon ...... I know we needed some rain but I think we've had enough now!

Hope you are all having a Tigger-tastic weekend .... stay safe :-)

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