By strawhouse


I went into a shop today for the first time since March 21st. It was hideous!!
Miss E needs antihistamine liquid that you can take a few times a day rather than the once a day tablets. Now pretty much the only thing that'll get me into a shop at the moment is one of the Little Misses needing something, so off I went to Boots. 
It was horrific! It's a tiny little shop, seven million people all decided to go in at the same time, there were three separate queues, all criss-crossing each other to form one giant non queue. The woman in front of me needed to  be in hospital by the sound of everything she needed and the woman serving kept coming out to get stuff for her which was naturally right where I was stood. Grrrrrrrrrrr. As I was waiting I decided to get as much over-the-counter stuff as I could to save having to go in there for the next hundred years. Which, to be fair, is probably what the woman in front of me did. Although none of hers seemed to be over-the-counter! I wont bore you - or embarrass myself - with what I bought but we have all bases covered for most things for a while.
It's ridiculous to have been so shaken by it but I hated it. It's such a little bubble staying at home. I possibly need to venture out a bit more and get a bit of normality back. At the rate Miss E's getting through the Piriton it may be sooner than I think!
Sewing Bee catch up tonight. The Little Misses love it. As usual we all become instant experts!

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