By strawhouse

Flower Girl

Another ten thousand photos to choose from today!
But it had to be this one of my beautiful Miss E. She was so happy!
The other contenders are in extras: Me and Mr K in the sunshine, Kielder Water looking gorgeous and sparkly, the Little Misses on their bikes,  Miss L and Daddy deep in conversation over a cup of tea when we got back to Marshall after our walk.
What a fabulous day! Unlike our last disastrous visit! 
Last night was our last night at the Hadrian's Wall Campsite. They only had availability for three nights so we had to move today. We headed to Kielder Water for the day first and then back to the new campsite tonight. It's only about twenty minutes away from the other site!
I love the drive to Kielder. I'm still obsessed with how green everything is! And how beautiful the road is, criss-crossing the North Tyne all the way.
We parked in our usual carpark near the dam and it was bacon sandwiches all round before we set off for a walk/cycle ride along Lakeside Way. It's a lovely path which goes round the whole reservoir - a 26 mile loop. I had foolishly assumed it was flat - because it looks flat on the map, ha ha ha ha!!! - but it was pretty hilly. We went up and we went down!!
I should clarify we didn't actually do a full circumnavigation, just about two and a half miles before turning back. 
The Little Misses did a LOT more on their bikes, setting off in front of us and disappearing off for hours. At one point we were a walking round a big inlet and we could see them waving at us from the opposite bank. At least a mile ahead!!  When we'd got to where they were - about twenty minutes later - Mr K and I sat on a bench admiring the fabulous view and waited for them to come back. Miss E eventually appeared, complete with a beautiful dasiy chain Miss L had made for her. Apparently they'd been sat waiting for us further round the lake. Obviously their grasp on the relative speed of bike vs foot is a little woolly!!
The path was so fabulous to cycle on and it was so quiet that I wished we'd been more prepared and packed a bag for them with water, snacks, phones etc and then we could have dropped them off at the castle at the top of the reservoir, driven to the dam car park and let them cycle the 12 miles to us. They''d have loved it!! Next time.......
Normally we leave our bed made up at the back because we're lazy but this morning Miss L asked could we please make it up into the sofas so we could sit on it properly. What a good idea!
When we got back to Marshall we had tea (me), coffee (Miss E and Mr K) and blackcurrant squash  (Miss L) and sat admiring the beautiful view. We often rush onto the next place so it was lovely to hang about a bit.  Definitely a good plan to make the lounge a lounge during the day.
We're at Fallowfield Dene tonight, a campsite near Hexham. As we drove in I thought it was a bit hideousy caravan parky like the place we were at the other night near Fountain's Abbey but it's actually lovely and we had a delicious dinner of sausages burgers - in buns with all the works - in the gorgeous evening sun, under the trees and amongst the flowers. Perfect!
And all cooked by Mr K in the pan because we still have no gas and after the other night we can't be bothered trying to find any!!
Last full day tomorrow. Sob.

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