By strawhouse

Evening Walk

I had a gorgeous walk with Archie tonight. Everywhere looked beautiful in the evening sun.
We're supposed to be in France this week and this reminded me of Monet's Garden. And one of his paintings! 
Just over a year ago we got our new sofas and today I thought I'd look to see if I could find a matching armchair. We originally bought a big sofa, a small sofa and an armchair. Sometimes the armchairs sell on eBay for £400, sometimes they sell for £50. I thought I'd set up an alert and just keep an eye out for a bargain one.  I also checked Market Place on Facebook and imagine my surprise when I saw TWO  armchairs and the  small sofa for sale for £60. They were listed over a week ago so I didn't think for a minute that they'd still be available. They were!!! Yes please!!!!
Within an hour I'd paid for them and arranged a courier to collect them from Kent. That cost £85 so the total was still less than I'd have paid for one chair!
So it's all on its way now! We haven't got room for it all but the room has never been quite right - weird alcoves, long and thin with windows and doors in annoying places - so now we can play about with lots of variations and then sell whatever we don't want. I'm pretty sure I'll get more than £60 back!

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