By strawhouse


Today was mostly spent in the bath. Like Saturdays of old!
I was a total princess had a few issues with the water being unsatisfactorily  lukewarm and then my tea going unsatisfactorily lukewarm but all was well in the end. Thanks to my lovely husband.
It was sunshine and showers all day. We managed to get in a walk with Archie without getting soaked.
This wall runs round where the old village Manor House used to be. It clearly fell down at some point during lockdown and they’re just starting to rebuild it.  Here is Miss L skating past it while it was still in one piece!!
D-Day today. It’s the first time in years we haven’t been. Photos of Normandy keep popping up on my Facebook memories and I’ve had some emails from campsites saying they’re open and an email from Eurotunnel saying you can book and cancel without penalty if necessary. It’s like the universe is telling me to book a trip to France!

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