Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Woke up at 8 and remembered I didn’t have any milk for breakfast. Ma was about to leave for her morning walk too, so I got ready in 10 minutes and headed out. We ended up chatting for nearly an hour, and I did a lot of loops around the park and surrounding streets.

Later on, Matt and I had our first normal-ish outing together. We got some treats from the bakery, picked up our first takeaway coffees in 3 months from the social distancing window, and then enjoyed them in the park. It was sunny and lovely.

We had some afternoon drama when Ian from upstairs fell off his ladder in the garden and hit his head. We didn’t know anything had happened until we spotted paramedics outside the window! They wheeled him off on a stretcher but he seemed ok!

See extras for the other casualty of the day (consequence of our lockdown diet).

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