By Veronica


It's a bit like being locked down at the moment. S felt well enough for a morning on the beach yesterday, but by the evening he'd retreated to bed, and that's where he's been most of today too. I didn't feel like going far, so after my Zoom Spanish class during which we discussed Extinction Rebellion, and all of us turned out to be pessimists, I stayed mostly at home apart from a quick shopping trip. Cooked old favourite spinach and chickpeas for lunch.

R from our Spanish class Whatsapped me a video of the Epley manoeuvre, a sharp jerk of the head that can dislodge the crystals in the ear that cause the problem. So S tried it and was well enough to totter down to the seafront for an apero this evening. It's been windy the last few days, and there were most impressive breakers on the beach, but I think we might all be bored with beach blips. So here's a mangled hibiscus flower with some fartnarkling applied.

Extra: I think this is a juvenile Sardinian warbler. There have been loads of them flitting around the garden, so I think the original ones must have had babies. It doesn't have the red ring round the eye, which I believe is a sign that it's not an adult.

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