By Veronica

Social distancing

Almuñecar was all abuzz this morning. When I went down to the shop, half a dozen cars were double-parked outside Chinasol with people hauling suitcases from the boots. Phase 3 from Monday, which is practically the New Normal.

Shopping done, I made pizza for lunch, a take on four seasons based on what was in the fridge: passata, marinated artichokes, diced ham, thinly sliced red pepper and salad onion, mozzarella, parmesan. It was followed by baked figs with cream.

In the late afternoon S felt well enough for a walk, so we strolled along the seafront to buy an ice cream. Then we walked to the Peñon; plenty of people on the beach, but not so many that they couldn't keep well apart.  There were even a couple of people kitesurfing -- perfect conditions for that. There was a holiday vibe, so before we returned we stopped at the Tres Rejas for a drink in the sunshine. Here, people were doing air kisses while wearing masks.

I'd only used half the pizza dough, so come 9 o'clock I made more pizza with the other half, eaten on the terrace at sunset with wine for me, tonic water for S (can't drink alcohol with the medication he's taking).

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