By Veronica

Play of light

Almost like being locked down today. S woke in the middle of the night with an ear disturbance that causes vertigo. So he didn't feel like going anywhere, other than to the doctor. I drove him there and did a bit of shopping, before we met in a bar for a coffee and then drove home again, where we've stayed the rest of the day.

Not unoccupied though. The reason I was anxious about my wayward parcel was because it contained two phones, one a very belated birthday present for S, and the other for me. We have decided to abandon the iPhone universe -- they had to be replaced because they are so old that many apps won't run on them, and current ones are far too expensive. So these are two giant Android phones. While S rested, I amused myself setting things up, installing apps, and figuring out how to import my contacts from the iPhone.

Sitting on the terrace playing with the phone, I suddenly noticed the shadows on the vine leaves, so that's my blip for today. Alternative with more context in extras. I haven't tried the camera on the new phone yet.

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