By Veronica


Market today. I forgot it was the quarterly foire, when there is a massive influx of extra stalls selling clothes, household goods, soft furnishings, jewellery, toys ... even our secret parking spot was full. It was good to see the new market square busy though. And there's now a cafe there, with outdoor tables. They were doing OK today, but I can't see them doing much business the rest of the week, since there's nothing else happening in that area.

More bustle in extras. I bought cherries and apricots ... can't resist. It was sunny at this point, but the afternoon brought wind and stormy skies. 

I watched some of the BBC documentary series about Margaret Thatcher. It's freakish seeing my youth looking like ancient history (the clothes, the cars, the voices, the heavy industry ...). I could almost feel a sneaking respect for Thatcher as she stood up to the sexist dinosaurs in episode 1. It didn't last though.

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