Day at a Time

By Tweedy

Wheat field

There's a public footpath through this field but at this time of year it's quite tricky to find. I took Flora for a walk mid morning. It felt chilly when I left home but it soon became clear that things were going to warm up. The sun even put in an appearance. Here are some trees at the edge of the neighbouring field with Ben Ledi in the distance some 20+ miles away.

I'm horrified about the plans to delay school opening in England. Here we knew from March that they'd be closed for most children till August. It looks as if they'll reopen then thank goodness. Where's the impetus to get children back to school? Why is education being, apparently, put on the back burner. Why can't the thousands of currently empty buildings be used as pop-up schools?  We know that the pandemic measures disproportionately disadvantage some children and Covid19 is already going to be a defining part of many children's childhoods. Let's see a bit of ambition and creativity from policy makers (I'm listening to David Blunkett) rather than leaving things to individual teachers, children and families.

I'm off to the potting shed to grumble!

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