Physically distanced hat trick

Last week I blipped visits from the babies on Monday and Friday. Today the girls came to visit again and I asked the four year old to pose so that I could blip her too. It was lovely to see the garden full of toys again, the girls on the swing and lots of imaginary play happening. The forecast wasn't great but it's a lot better than I thought it would be.  They've gone away now for a visit to Kings Park so that my son can see his sister, and the girls their auntie,  for the first time for three months. They'll have a physically distanced walk, the baby will have a snooze and the four year old will use up some energy on her bike.

At one point the four year old said to me, "I wish the germs would go so that I could give you a kiss and a cuddle". I wish that too but who knows how long that will be. I know this isn't a wonderful photograph but I wanted to have all three on blip now that a visit is possible.

Looks like an afternoon for the garden and maybe another walk.

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