Alfie returns home tomorrow

Alfie’s owner, ‘E’, kindly offered to get some shopping from Lidl for us (Pistachio nuts and Parmesan), and post an Amazon return.

So we took Alfie for a walk. It was a little late, as I had been hand washing our bed linen.
Alfie and I we’re both a bit puffed, only about 17 or 18°, but it felt quite warm in the sun, and no breeze.

Didn’t go far, maybe a couple of kilometres. Then returned home and caught up with the news and not much else.

Had to blip darling Alfie before he leaves. Placed him by the ‘Private Property’ sign next to a bed of begonia in a nearby apartment block. He had little Interest in posing for me, so this is the best I could do.

So we have tiny Alfie next to these tiny Begonia for Trisharooni’s Tiny Tuesday ‘Flower’ challenge.

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