By Bella888

Aurora awaits .... Madam

Neighbour messaged me this morning to look out of the window.  Never seen a ship this close to shore. The P&O Aurora, like many other cruise ships, has nowhere to go.  Wonder how long it will be hanging around.  Southampton’s been full.  A friend’s son, an officer with Carnival, is stuck on a ship in the Philippines for the same reason.

Last night kept an eye on a Conservative motion to oust Vikki Slade, leader of BCP Council (she leads a cross party cabinet running the 12th largest unitary council in the country). She seems a fair and reasonable leader, and was pleased to see the 50/50 voting split decided in her favour by the casting vote of the independent chairman. 

Today at 12:00 another on-line meeting.  Vikki Slade’s weekly Q&A.  Pleased she commented on my proposal (One of hundreds flowing in) to support independent cafés by allowing more tables outside.

Miserable, damp and COLD. Won’t be going out. Well entrenched inside.  About to make a céleri rémoulade (Celeriac coleslaw), and a pesto as the basil needs a trim. 

Blipped for Wide Wednesday ‘Framing’ challenge

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