An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Letting loose...

So, after yesterday's major tidy up it was a joy to come downstairs to my art table and be able to just get started.

Well I say get started but there was a slight delay as I wanted to go through all my paintings and sort them into a completed pile, almost completed pile, an unlikely-ever-to-be-completed pile, and a greetings card pile.  Once that was done (and each pile tidied into individual folders before being put into my large carry case) I could think about painting.

And paint I did.  Four paintings in fact, in less than half and hour!  A whirlwind of water and paint and more water and more paint.  They are all flower studies of sorts.  Kind of abstract.  Two based on photographs and two just seeing where the paint and the water took me.   No expectations and no pressure, just fun.  

I've blipped the last one of the four, but like the others, it won't stay in this original state.  Tomorrow the real fun begins when I attack each one with more paint, pens, coloured pencils, pastels and maybe even a glitter stick!  Mixed media is my compulsion and my inner five year old shall be unleashed! :-))

In other news, David came into the kitchen earlier holding a hair brush and said, "I thought Lola needed a good brush, turns out it's you."  Cheeky git!  

This did prompt a look in the mirror, however, and oh dear.  My hair is rather out of control understatement!.  Maybe I'll attempt to straighten it tomorrow...but probably not.  

Instead I have the urge to make it even wilder, don dangly earrings, long beads, jangly bracelets and the electric pink lipstick I bought last year and have only worn once too bright.  This is my art phase after all ;-) 

PS I should point out that David was having a laugh.  He's not that rude :-))

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