An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Groundhog Day Seventy-twelvetyteen...

Absolutely nothing of note happened today.

That has been the premise of every one of my blips since lockdown began but I've always managed to pull a wee narrative out the bag.  But today it escapes me.

So, I shall leave you with a doodled with painting I made today.  Fast and fun.  In extras I have put two versions of yesterday's painting; version 1 with just my ink doodles and version two faffed with a filter.  

I am building a collection of faffed with flowers that I may use on cards.  Or I may not.  Something to think about another day :-)

And that is all...

Oh!  How could I forget?!  I made a slow cooked chicken curry and after savouring the smells all day,  I am just about to enjoy it!   Yay!  :-))

Loosens jeans

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