Tony dropped me in Bingley on his way through to the supermarket.  I picked up the dry cleaning, popped it in the car then walked home under leaden skies.

It was very quiet in the town, in the park and in St Ives, barely a half dozen folks about but not surprising considering the unprepossessing day.  Back home I filled the feeders, set the breadmaker going and checked e mails before Tony returned and the shop had to be sorted.

We've had several delivery vans coming up the street today and, when I popped out a few minutes ago to deliver a printout to a neighbour, there was a parcel in the middle of the pavement.  I can only think it had dropped out of a van as it is not a local address.  Thankfully, there was a contact phone number so I have been in touch with the recipient, but she does not have transport so I'm waiting to hear from her or the delivery company.  It contains food items and has to be delivered today!

Apart from the squirrel shinning up the lamppost, not much blipspiration today but I did pause to blip my favourite beech tree in Low Park.  I always have a few words with it as I go by.

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