A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

At Bay

A year ago ( admit I thought it was two) the decimated Betty’s wood in the St Ives Estate was a mass of Foxgloves. Here 

Today seemed like a good day to take another look as we have Foxgloves flowering currently in the garden.

The main, central area of the wood was notably lacking in Foxgloves but there were quite a number around the periphery including a large number of white ones which I love. 
As it was actually last year and not two years ago it does make more sense that there weren’t many as they are biennials, but there are so many ferns and brambles growing around the newly planted trees it will be interesting to see if they come through next year.

It was a bit damp but we continued our walk through the estate to the pond. The ladies that walk on a Thursday reported that there were only 7 cygnets to be seen (one less than originally) and yes, sadly, that seems to be the case.

All 5 goslings of the two different broods are still here but as usual they are held at bay from the pond by the vociferous father swan. I do worry whether they ever get into the water!

I could see the young Goosander with its mother and there were ducklings in one of the bays but also, it seemed lots of children looking at them, so I didn’t go close to count them.

So a good walk despite the reduced numbers of Foxgloves and cygnets and the dampness of the day, of course, the young wildfowl won out as usual for my blip!

Stay safe everyone.

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