Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At Home: exhausted Ella, entertains......

We are all running on empty. The sleep over party was a great success. Even 'non sleepover' children decided to stay over in the end. This was probably made easier by the fact that I was too tired to implement any level of control. So 2am, they nodded off. My friend Jayne had a great saying for coping with mess that 7 sleep over children can cause. She would always say, "don t shovel snow whilst its still snowing".

This might have been good advice although for a few weeks I feel like have been under the back log and mountain of post actual snow jobs, children's illnesses and general exhaustion (post winter blues...Where in actual fact is a) spring and b) When is it going to stop raining?)

Ella in great spirits. Loving the huge social. Its well deserved birthday escapism from thew drudgery of early mornings and cold weather. Bounce on Ella, Summer will soon be here! x

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