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In search of the.....

Yes, I went in search of the Martagon lilies in Acomb Woods again today. I found one flower in bloom, but all the others are still in bud.

Near to one I was delighted to see my first common spotted orchid of the season. Here it is. I walked further along the path and found a patch with over 20 in a little glade. How lovely.

The forecast was for rain all day but it did not come until late afternoon. It was very windy but quite warm.

Life in the time of Covid 19
I watched Channel Four news tonight and heard about the leaked government report on the disproportionate numbers of people of colour who are dying from Covid 19. Why on earth would the government put a muzzle on this report?  Do they have a suitable day to bury it? I don't think they can get away with that.

This sort of thing always takes be back to the Black Report on health inequalities between north and south published in 1980. Published in a tiny print run on August Bank Holiday in 1980. It was such a damning report and was never properly acted upon.

We had a draft copy in our general practice because one of the partners was involved in medical politics locally. I remember poring over it.

In my view if the distance between people is reduced to 1 metre, it will be like returning to normal. I think 1 metre is rather close.

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