By Veronica

Bit breezy

What a contrast with yesterday. So glad we went to the beach then; I would not be swimming today. Of course in our magic garden, on its special separate planet, the wind was barely noticeable. On the seafront 200 metres away it was blowing a gale.

After five days of vertigo, unimproved by the prescribed medication and only temporarily solved by the Epley manoeuvre, this morning S consulted the German doctor recommended by our Norwegian friend S, who has various medical issues. Albeit not cured, he was much happier; this doctor listened carefully and then explained thoroughly. He thinks it's not BPPD at all, but trapped nerves in the neck, so he prescribed neck exercises rather than drugs. We shall see ...

While S was doctoring, I shopped in the international deli and Lidl, so we now have Marmite (eurgh), oatcakes, mango chutney, Pyrenean hamburgers, and delicious Rooibos Masala tea (I bought all the stock they had in Lidl). 

Reunited at home, we decided to lunch out, and battled against the wind to the pizzeria on the seafront ,which until this week had never been open in all the accumulated time we have spent in Almuñecar (over a year now). The pizza was pretty good, and we shared a delicious salad of tomato, mozzarella and mango drizzled with basil oil. I dared to try the carrot cake dessert and it turned out to be a little layered pot of carrot cake, orange flavoured cream cheese, and a topping of grilled carrot cake crumble. Excellent! And with a couple of glasses of wine each the price was just over half of what we paid for yesterday's extravagant lunch.

I had been so impressed by the waves that I popped back down to the beach again at about 6 pm to take photos. I thought I'd only be five minutes, but I was so mesmerised by the massive ever-changing waves that I ended up staying for half an hour. Despite the gale some people still considered it to be beach weather (extra -- regular viewers can admire a favourite building top left) -- there was even someone sunbathing in a bikini.

And finally, a Zoom chat/apero with lapsed blipper Bundle in the evening. It's been a long time since we last talked, so it was good to catch up. Even though connection glitches made it frustrating at times.

I forgot to mention yesterday: thanks to the New Statesman I discovered a fascinating World Service series called The Documentary. In particular an extraordinary episode called The Death Row Book Club. Absolutely compelling, I highly recommend it. You can subscribe to the podcast, which I have duly done. I wish I had discovered it earlier, it's great lockdown listening.

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