By Veronica

Splish splash

Better large. 

It wasn't as windy today, but there are still lovely waves. S had his writing group via Skype in the morning. After lunch, for the first time since the beginning of March, we actually left Almuñecar! Destination Motril: S went to Decathlon to buy walking kit, while I shopped in Al Campo, the amusingly named Spanish version of French supermarket chain Auchan (French pun).

On the way back we made a detour to Playa Cabria, on the outskirts of Almuñecar. This involved the typically Andalucian experience of driving down a dry riverbed. But we were delighted when we got there. It's a small beach with a couple of restaurants, including the famed Tito Yayo (which our expert advisers recommend for flamenco nights). We had only intended to pause for a coffee there, but then we walked along the beach and round the point (extra) to discover another beach only accessible on foot. And, in these conditions, getting at least your feet wet, and probably other body parts as well. It was blowing a gale, albeit not on the scale of yesterday. I sat on the rocks enjoying the spectacle while S got his feet wet exploring. It was lovely to find a new place, I don't know how we've managed to miss it up till now. We'll be back, both the chiringuitos look nice.

After that we walked up a path to the top of a headland for a lovely view over the bays, before driving home later than expected. This evening's entertainment was an Alain Resnais film, La Guerre est Finie, about Spanish resistants in France. Quite odd. About half an hour before the end, we speculated about how this almost plotless film was going to end. And ... it just stopped. We enjoyed it though, even if the mingling of Spanish and French messed with our heads.

Edit: two years ago today was our first view of our petit coin de paradis. How lucky we were to find it.

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