By Veronica

Out for lunch

... again. We liked our new discovery of Playa Cabria yesterday so much that we returned today. What with one thing and another, we didn't get there till after one, and the beach was in a sunny Saturday post-lockdown frenzy.  The earliest I could book a table was four o'clock, so we went off to the furthest and most physically distanced part of the beach for a couple of hours.

Lunch was paella. It's by no means my favourite Spanish dish and I don't often order it, but this was a good one, piping hot and tasty. It was a paella ciega (blind paella), so called because all shells and the like have been removed, so you can eat it without looking. Never heard of this before. There was plenty of it ... with a shared avocado, mango and burrata salad to start we didn't need dessert. Lovely beach views and very reasonably priced too, I'd happily come back, when it's less crowded. Mono alternative blip in extras.

In the evening we met most of the members of our advanced Spanish class for a real-life farewell drink (yes we really are leaving soon). We chose the Rosa Negra because it has a very large terrace at the back. But the waiter had crammed seven seats round a too-small table; we'd have been rubbing elbows, so Beatriz asked for an extra table in order for us to spread out into our household groups. It was a lovely evening, and we were duly surprised when after much chat and laughter entirely in Spanish, we realised it was close to midnight. No wonder the waiter was looking a bit peeved, we hadn't ordered any more drinks for an hour and the terrace was full.

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